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Pet Surgery in Jenison, MI

Our pet surgery services meet a wide variety of health needs in dogs and cats.


Pet Surgery

From elective surgical procedures to emergency surgeries, we make it our mission to provide excellent care in every situation. Whether your pet is coming to us to be spayed or neutered or have a mass removed, they will be treated with the compassion and patience they deserve in an environment designed around their needs. Our goal is to make every pet surgery as stress-free as possible for patients and their families. Call our veterinarians at (616) 669-0501 to learn more.

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Keeping Your Pet Safe Before, During, and After Surgery

A common concern for most pet parents is the safety of their companions. While every surgery has the possibility of complications, at Chicago Drive Veterinary Clinic, you can be assured that we do all we can to reduce their probability, including:

  • Performing a physical exam and blood testing prior to surgery to lower anesthesia risks.
  • Carefully monitoring all of your pet’s vital signs with high-end monitoring equipment and an experienced veterinary technician at your pet’s side through the entire procedure.
  • Keeping your pet warm with soft blankets and warm air circulation to prevent hypothermia.
  • Watching over your pet as they gradually awaken from anesthesia.
  • Providing them with the appropriate pain medication before, during, and after their surgery.

Our Surgery Services

Our veterinary team performs a variety of routine surgeries throughout the week, in addition to as-needed procedures for pets with more urgent health needs.

Spay and Neuter

Tumor/Mass Removal

Injury Repairs

Skin Tag Removal

Thyroid Gland Removal

Foreign Body Removal

Abdominal Exploratory Surgery

Bladder Stone Surgery

And More!

cat wearing surgery cone

Ensuring a Healthy Recovery for Your Pet

Pain can slow a pet’s recovery or even cause other health problems. We’ll send you home with additional pain medications to give your pet so they can recover at home as comfortably as possible. We will also provide you with a handout of instructions to help you manage your pet’s daily needs for the duration of their recovery period. This includes keeping activity to a minimum, monitoring the surgical site, and administering any additional medications provided.

As always, you can contact us directly at (616) 669-0501 if you have any questions or concerns. We’re more than happy to help you!