Cat and Dog Boarding in Jenison, MI

A place that takes care of your pet and treats them like their own while you’re away—that shouldn’t be too much to ask for. At Chicago Drive Veterinary Clinic, we offer cat and dog boarding in Jenison with the same level of quality and compassion as all of our other services. You can expect a loving staff that’s prepared to provide your pet with all the comforts of home, and give them that extra attention to set their experience apart from the ordinary. Call us at (616) 669-0501 to schedule a boarding appointment for your pet in Jenison today.

If you're ready to book or would like to take a tour, get in touch with us!

dog boarding in jenison
cat and dog boarding in jenison, MI
cat and dog boarding in jenison, MI

Amenities for Our Dog Boarding Guests

What can your four-legged family member expect when they stay with us? Our staff understands that an exceptional boarding experience is much more than feeding your pet and taking them outside several times a day. They need loving care and enrichment, too. Along with essentials like food, water, and clean, comfortable bedding, we also offer:

  • Daily walks (including supervised time in our fenced-in yard)
  • One-on-one, 30-minute playtime sessions with a member of our kennel staff (can include walking, playing in the yard, brushing, or cuddling--and you can choose as many playtimes for your pet as you want)
  • A low-residue, easy-to-digest diet to prevent stomach upset caused by stress
  • Daily interaction with our staff
  • Professional observation to make sure your pet is in the best health
  • Medical care if needed during our office hours
  • Text message and photo updates so you can check in on your pet

Can I Bring Items from Home?

You are welcome to bring the following items to make your pet's stay more enjoyable:

  • Food/treats
  • A toy or two
  • Bones/rawhides
  • A small towel or T-shirt

What not to bring:

  • Blankets - we have our own that we prefer to use, so yours don't get dirty or damaged
  • Crates or carriers
  • A large number of toys (we recommend no more than 2!)

Make sure that all items accompanying your pet are labeled with their full name. Food and medications should come with clear instructions (medications must be in their original boxes/containers). We suggest packing a little extra food for your pet just in case, though we can also provide food if they're not on a prescription diet.

What We Require for Your Pet to Board

Patients and non-patients alike must be up-to-date with their vaccines and health tests:

  • Rabies vaccine
  • Distemper vaccine
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine
  • Canine influenza vaccine
  • Negative fecal test (within the last year)
  • Negative heartworm test (within the last year)

If your pet is not a patient with our clinic, please provide proof of your pet’s vaccinations and tests. Our foremost priority is making sure that every guest stays healthy and comfortable while they’re under our roof. If for any reason your pet is not up-to-date with one of their vaccines or tests, we will provide it upon their arrival. Call us at (616) 669-0501 to schedule an boarding appointment.

pet boarding in jenison, MI